The Traitor 2

Comment inspired by the movie Breach about the American “traitor” Hanssen

Mosab Hassan Yousef betrayed his people and even turned his own father in. Recent news articles have feted this “traitor” as though he were some kind of hero or saviour of thousands when he betrayed his own people the Palestinians who are maybe one of the most oppressed groups of people in the world today and he betrayed them to the forces of Israel who are widely regarded as one of the most oppressive and murderous forces in the world today and one of the few democracies that legally allow torture.

He is feted as the man who saved Shimon Peres after allegedly, meaning with no corroborating evidence, informing on a plan to assassinate Peres. He is feted rather bizarrely as the man who saved his own father by turning him in to the power that oppresses and murders his own people on an almost daily basis. That his farther was a founder of Hamas one of the organisations much revered in the Palestinians own territories and indeed the group that actually won the last Palestinian elections although not recognised by any western country or the oppressor, maybe only deepens the level of betrayal to his own people. And yet he is feted as a hero in the US and Israel.

It is all a matter of perspective.


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