The Traitor 1

Comment inspired by the movie Breach about the American “traitor” Hanssen

Oleg Gordievsky is a traitor to his country and an outstanding death sentence awaits him. For eleven years he betrayed his country to a foreign power.

From 1974 until his defection in 1985 he passed secrets to the spy networks of the United Kingdom. He was later sentenced to die at a trial he was absent from. That decision has never been rescinded.

Gordievsky has though been highly honoured and well rewarded by the country he betrayed his own nation too. He has also branded a former leader of the opposition in the UK as a spy and labelled the BBC as a red news network. The former resulted in a humongous out of court settlement while the latter probably enhanced the reputation of the BBC.

While much is heard of “traitors” caught in western states, and they are usually well punished, and publicised for the damage they have caused, little is heard of “traitors” to countries the west doesn’t like and indeed they are usually feted as heroes if mentioned at all.

It is all a matter of perspective.


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