Imperfection over Perfection – Addendum

Some months ago we looked at the importance to confusuionism of the concept of imperfection over perfection. Confusionists welcome and relish imperfection as natural and abhor the pursuit of perfection which is trying to attain the impossible within a narrow agendarised arena rather than a wider contextualised world and inevitably leads to people and communities leading more confused existences.

However, we must also not forget that ideas of what is perfect and imperfect are all around us and defined and riven by the forces that control us as societies and cultures and within these cultures there may well be some differences and even inter cultural disputes driven by respective controlling institutions within the society. This further emphasises the confusionist approach that everything is naturally imperfect and flawed and that it is only those who control who have invented the false concept of perfection that we must strive to reach from a state of imperfection. And this definition of perfection will be a closely manged one linked to the ideals, mores and beliefs of the manipulated controlled society.

As usual the more the advanced the society the more the ability to manipulate this and often within a realm of controlling institutions which we are led to believe are positive but are in fact not so such as the free media and academia both of which are agendarised propagandist arms of the controlling blocks. And which are quite succesful in instilling in us notions of what is perfect or imperfect across a whole plethora of things.

Against all of this we must strive to not be driven from recognizing that what is described as imperfect is in fact a natural and normal and valid expression, thing or existence. We should trey not to be sucked into ideas such as betterment leading to perfection, which is to divert into something unachievable and yet potentially a lifetime consuming waste of time.

In confusionist art which tires to express what is seen in the real world, as defined by people and communities, imperfection as we argued before will remain a central facet and one which will likely remain evident for a very long time as in confusionist art things only cease to be relevant when they cease to be relevant in people’s lives and in the case of imperfection versus perfection this is likely to be around for a long time driven by the full force of controlling institutions across the globe which maybe not united in absolutely everything but who all exhibit a common belief and a common heightened level of indoctrinated compliance on this fulcrum of the reality of imperfection and their created false and unattainable concept of perfection.


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