False Questions

As we have looked at elsewhere questions are life, and the asking of questions is crucial. However, we should not expect an answer to every question we ask. Not everything is answerable, maybe not even much is really answerable and not everything can be known and indeed in asking the question in the first place we just germinate an egg. The looking, the seeking the asking is an achievement in itself. The inquiry is critical and the supply of pat or fudged answers just to satisfy a non-dynamic society or philosophy reliant on having such faux endings is death to a questions life.

We must try to recognize the societal and institutional limits that are placed on our questioning and move beyond them. The propaganda machinations of the institutes of control, academia and media are very pervasive and recognition of this is needed to keep ourselves inquiring rather than being directed. This is not an easy task.

And then we see people ask a question and then answer it themself and argue with anyone who differs. This is no more than asking false questions. In fact except rhetorically it is not a question at all but a process of a failed and lacking in dynamism philosophical and cultural approach where there must be an answer. Where there must be a victor. Where I must be right and you wrong. Where my culture must be superior and yours inferior. This approach is nothing more than false questioning and supporting failed philosophies and societies by false questioning. It results in nothing but narrow-minded and usually utterly flawed concepts, beliefs and arguments.

For confusionists asking the question is enough, trying to follow where that leads is good but to expect some perfect answer is arrogant and flawed thinking and even if an answer seems to present itself there must be an element of doubt and question about this too. And recognizing the context of the controlling institutions and their agendas will also be central to all questioning and inquiry.


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