So now

We’re all addicted to nicotine, or we’re not. We’re all drug addicts … 

One way or another

We fall in love,

Or do no justice.

The spider laid its eggs, I think, sometime in November.

Grow and be healthy, make a difference maybe.

But modern life just kills them.

You don’t really need to cry with tears.

Just another state of mind.

You will always have a roof and some warmth in winter if you trust me.

So be free.

Swans may begin to fight,

But we don’t have to.

I would hold you.

Tell you it’s ok.

I would see beyond it.

But then you talk about shapes,

And they’re not even yours,

Yet, they’re all yours.

The seagull flies through an air of impossibility

So you’ll blow me away,



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