The Greatest Journey

We are all aware of great journeys to far-flung places and indeed many of us have actually travelled to a variety of interesting, dull or just plain nondescript places. Travel for westerners is easy with passports accepted worldwide and even the poorest westerner having enough money for some adventure or other. This privilege is not so well enjoyed by those from non-western countries and poorer places on the earth as their passports are less acceptable and money is an issue.

However, there is one journey that is not limited to anyone by where they are born or how much coinage they have. This is the greatest journey. The journey of discovering yourself. It is also the most interesting and rewarding journey and the one where you can actually affect more change than through any other form of travel.

One of the oddities of life is that those that travel the most or even live an expat existence often are the people who don’t look into what they are themself. It is as though the travel and exploration of the external replaces the exploration of the internal or maybe the unwillingness or fright to go on a journey of self-discovery is the driving force behind the urge to keep moving and look for fulfillment in the outside by always looking for the ultimate adventure or journey but never ever being satisfied because the one journey that could supply this is ignored and turned away from.

Of course not ever expat or traveller is of this nature and some people use moving from or to different places and having different experiences as a way of exposing what they are to themself. Of course this a natural and rewarding thing.

Naturally nobody can know everything about themself or anything else for that matter. However, to ask the questions and start the journey to explore ideas around them and occasionally even find an answer is enough reward in itself however, incomplete the final picture will be. 

However, the greatest journey is always going to be the one of self discovery and knowing what you are: good and bad if those values are judgements you even make. This is the journey of life and nothing can substitute or replace it and to not accept the challenge of taking this trail is to belittle existence and indeed life. Accept the great challenge of life and explore yourself.


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