Questions and Answers – Addendum

Ask questions. Confusionists will encourage you to question anything and everything. Question all you are told including what is on this site too. To ask questions is the beginning of emancipation.  To ask questions is natural and if you do you find a lifting, at least to a small degree, in the confusing and frustrating state in which we exist 

However the equally important flip side is to not expect answers. Maybe some will come, or come in one form to one person and in a different form to another person. Maybe the asking of a question will lead to a realisation seemingly not connected to the question. Maybe there will be no answer or realisation in any form at all. Maybe some time in a future distant or not a sudden insight will be found. These are all natural and equally positive possibilities.

The main realisation is that every time you ask a question you plant a seed and only time will tell what this seed will develop into, change into, ultimately become, fail or remain dormant. However without scattering seeds nothing grows. And as with nature we must learn that sometimes, maybe even often, things lead to nothing. We really cannot expect everything we ask to be answered.

As mentioned elsewhere Asking questions is one of the basic confusionist principles and not necessarily expecting answers is the other side of the coin.


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