Artistic Freedom

Don’t be judgemental of people and their communities. Give them room to say, act and do what they want as they express themselves.

When we give people the room and confidence to express themselves in the way they want, their expression and art will flourish. By avoiding constant criticism or advice or distraction we help create an environment in which an individual or group will feel free to try what they want to try to express themselves in the true way they want, and to cleanse themself as the stream of creativity flows. This all leads to the production of the person or groups true art.

It is no different from when we are producing our own stuff. We don’t want distraction or diversion that can cause what is produced to cease to be the work of us or our group. When others are working we should strive to help them have the environment best for their work. When the work is finished we can react or not to it, but while in production unless invited let the person expressing themself have the space they need.

Confusionists should strive not just to express themselves in the way they want devoid of realised distractions and controls but also strive to ensure others where possible are accorded the same freedom from interference.


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