Creativity – Addendum

We are all creative to an equal degree. However, we are not all creative to an equal degree in what the art industry and academia define as creativity. This is why we hear people say “I am not creative”, “I am no artist” etc. They are accepting the conventional definition of what art or creativity are. This is not surprising considering the amount of control, power and propaganda potential academia, the art industry and their allied institutions have.

However, it is natural for all of us to express ourselves in a myriad of ways and this is our art, our creativity. Some of our expression may not be seen as or accepted by the restrictive art industry. Parts of the art industry may describe our expression, our art, even if it falls within their narrow description of what art is, as lacking, flawed, no good or simply crap. But every piece of art has an equal value at production and it is up to each individual who comes into contact with it to assess it or not as an individual. It is not up to some bloated, bigoted, narrow-minded industry to assess anything as they have their own program of self-perpetuating their industry and that means keeping everything under its control.

They don’t want people to emancipate themselves from under the feet of the industry and sieze personal control of what is a natural action in expressing ourselves. No we are to be manipulated, indoctrinated and broken to accept their ways.

However, creativity exists in all of us and the stream of creativity is not to be denied. It is up to each of us as individuals and within our communities to realise we control our own creative destiny and to liberate ourselves and our minds from control of the administrators of the purgatory of artistic repression and artistic destruction.


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