Simple over Complicated

Everything in life and nature is simple. Academia, education and propaganda teach us that everything is complicated and therefore  not easy to understand. The teaching, training or propagandizing that things are different from what they really are adds to confusion and frustration.

When looking for the why of something always look for the simplest explanation. To complicate is to tend to travel in the wrong direction. However, when looking for the simple bear in mind that not every question has an answer.

Academia, the media, government and other institutions of control use the complication of the simple to create meme, myth and revisionist thought that is contrary to what is real. Their aim is to inveigle, obfuscate and ultimately beguile the individual.

Similarly what are simple concepts in academia are given grand sounding names and with intent to remove from the arena of debate of ordinary people confused or astounded by the lexical nomenclature to create a system of exclusion where only the initiates of academia are included or deemed capable of addressing issues.

Confusionists must be careful to not take this path of exclusivity and must aim at all times to keep things simple as in nature and when using any created term or difficult terminology to at all times aim to keep the understanding of such as simple as possible not just to enable understanding in the used language by as many as possible but to also enable simple translation as confusionism is also not intended to be culturally exclusive by dint of language but inclusive across all culture and adaptive to all cultural input.

At all times stick to simple over complicated whether trying to understand, where that is possible, or in trying to outline notions.

While sticking to the idea of simple over complicated confusionist art may differ from confusionist philosophy in that it tries to reflect the reality of society, individual and community existence and indeed the world around us. Sometimes to reflect this world art will be complicated but only as the world is complicated. This is the accepted limit within confusionism and it must never extend to explanation or philosophy beyond off course the failing of the individual and community confusionists themselves.


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