Love over Hate

We should love each other. It is central to our survival, advancement and development as humans and communities and the interaction between individuals and communities. Hate is restrictive, tiring, wearing and destructive, soul-destroying and ultimately has no positive end. Love is natural, dynamic and leads to positive ends and positive relationships.

In modern society we see the encouragement of hate. We see the encouragement of hate because of different ways of life, different beliefs, different skin colours etc. We see the encouragement of hate towards theos who don’t accept the norms, to those who don’t support the accepted, to those who question etc. A whole indusrtry of hate has been established with the most reactionary and debilitating aims of propagandizing people to hate everything that is different of toi hate everything that isn’t part of the established set of ways to be that the industry of hate had decided on. Needless to say that although  such vile propaganda offensives are effective with their constant bombardment of airwaves and other forms of media, that they are ultimately destructive to the natural human condition by debilitating it in a way that results in a level of maintained anger that eats away at a persons humanity itself.

All of this is a natural product of the institutions ands structures of control and those that fill the controlling classes making sure that they stabilise, maintain, even increase and definitely perpetuate their own positions of power and wealth by increased subjugation of the rest of us and our communities by their mindless and unnatural propaganda.By this they can distract us from both what they are up to and divide from common cause.

It is more natural though for us to love each other. We have more reason to love each other across nation, culture, belief, class etc than we do to hate each other; we have more reason to despise the respective structures, institutions and those who full and thrive on them within our own cultures, societies, countries, religions etc than we do to despise each other as human beings. Those who control realise this and continue to distract and create false enemy, and as the world ironically through the globalised domain, that they have created for their own commercial reasons, grows smaller and technology, that they have created for their own warlike and commercial aims, enables us to directly exchange ideas devoid of their control, their levels of propaganda, control and creating false hate will only intensify.

In this period we as human beings and communities should look to love. When hearing the harbingers of hatred extolling their message we need to ask questions. We need to doubt? We need to say why should I hate and turn instead towards celebrating our differences and realising that they only make us all stronger and that it is perfectly possible and natural for people of different lifestyles or ideas to live a harmonious and resp[ectful existence next to each other.


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