Art and Expression

There is far more real and natural art being produced in poorer regions and areas of the world than there is in richer or so-called developed ones. In poorer places there is little to none of the urge to produce “art” for commercial reasons which results in the production of garbage not fit to use the word art with.

Simply, in poorer realms there is little to no art industry and this is an advantage as there is less control over how people will express themselves and there is less of the notion that only “artists” can produce art. The education systems are also less organized and all-encompassing and in many cases not even in existence. While this may have negative repercussions for entry into the workforce or advancement that way it does however, have the advantage of meaning propagandization over art is a lot lot less.

In places the whole notion that there is art or artists just does not exist. This is as close to what is natural as we can get for people and communities will still express themselves but devoid of any attempt at control, propagandization or for any diverting reason. What they produce will be their natural expression and their natural art. People living in such places have this advantage over any educated person living in a controlled western environment.

That is not to say that in the developed west it is not possible for people to express themselves naturally and produce natural art but to do so they have to struggle harder and to be able to recognize the nature of the forces arraigned against the very natural expression they seek to release. This in such an arrogantly formalised and exceptionalist set of societies is no easy things as to accept the superiority, exceptionalism and all the other notions and propaganda is comfortable and easy, and in terms of convenience rewarding. However, it is also denial of the natural human condition and ultimately results in a level of confusion and frustration that leaves an unfulfilled life. 

Conversely to truly fight to express yourself naturally is going to mean a life of struggle and at times little acceptance but will eventually be a more rewarding life. However, this level of struggle will only be harder the more developed a country becomes or the more developed a country is, and the more developed a country is the greater will also be the distractions and temptations to sacrifice your true art for faux expression in return for pecuniary reward or some fame. This too needs to be watched for in poorer places but the chances are a lot less although if encountered can be a lot more tempting or damaging. However, it is a less likely occurence.

To stick to your guns and express yourself as you want is not going to be an easy task. However, to strive to do so or even if incredibly lucky achieve that will ultimately be a level of natural achievement and emancipation that few of us can dream of.


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