I find myself now trying to avoid artistic and philosophical influences and inputs that can affect me. I want what I say to be pure. Not pure in some arrogant way or implying  better but pure meaning purely of me. My thinking. My ideas. My expression. No better and maybe worse than what others are saying or doing. I will leave that up to each individual to judge if or when they come into contact with it. That is a natural and real relationship between produced art or expression and any effect it has on another whether positive or negative or as in many cases little to no effect at all.

Obviously none of us can insulate ourselves from all of any type of influence and some will still get through but it is an interesting way to see what flows from you when devoid of artistic and philosophical influence as much as possible. That complete insulation is not possible fits nicely with the ideas of imperfection and incompleteness that straddle confusionist thought. It also bases around the idea of asking questions but not being able to get an answer emphasizing to not expect answers. Is what I produce when attempting to insulate really pure or is it still affected by what influence and input remain?

As mentioned before we can never know everything that influences us so maybe this current isolation is an attempt at futility. However for a while, a period, I will allow it to continue. Others can judge if what comes during that time is of any difference from what came before or will come at a later time in the future as the stream of creativity will continue in its own unpredictable way as will the cleansing process that expressing yourself naturally is part of and maybe that cleansing in itself mitigates against or makes unneccessary any form of self isolation. And as I write this I notice the doubt but again in confusionism doubt is a critical driving force.


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