Do it Yourself

Only wankers post their writing onto writing sites where other so-called writers give feedback etc. What you write is your own expression and your own art. You do not need to have others to tell you what is good, bad, needs changing or how your grammar sucks. Produce it. Stick it up in places devoid of such artistically detrimental comment and also devoid of any commercial interest as writing for commercial reasons is nothing to do with art.

Let people find and like, dislike, react to, not react to, ignore or have no feeling about whatsoever of their own volition. You by producing what you do have expressed yourself and your art is available. Allow the relationship between art producer, you, and viewer to be natural and not encumbered with any pressure whether based on meaningless peer pressure, pecuniary interest, ridiculous commercially critiqued commentary or feeling of false gathering. And definitely dont exert pressure yourself.

Similarly if displaying art in a gallery do not be dragged into promoting and marketing an exhibition. This is nothing to do with art at all but is purely crass commercialism and anything shown this way is certainly not art beyond a heavily perverted form or industry controlled garbage. There is nothing shown in an advertised exhibition that could not be improved by burning the whole gallery down and complete with everything in it.

There is no need to think or be driven into amending what you do, or showing what you want, by what others think or say or what some teacher, professor or even lay person employed within the artistically restrictive academic areas labelled art faculties, art classes or art sites say or advise. Your expression, the very expression that flows from you, is your art and nobody can adapt or divert that without removing it from the realm of art.

 Let what flows from you flow uninhibited and don’t be put off, ashamed or merely shy of showing it. These feelings leave us vulnerable to the very industry and academic extensions which seek to damage or derange our works or even worse seek to convince us that we are not “artists”. Be strong and let your artistic flow be seen in its natural form as what art really is.

In short do it yourself (yes the old punk adage still holds) without interference from others and show it yourself without expectation or diverting interest. This is the natural state for all of us and we need to avoid the controls society and its institutions have put on us.


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