Wan’s Story – Excerpt Two

The taste of freedom provided by time in the town was nice but it was a taste and both me and my boyfriend of then M wanted more. It was also built on a lie of attending school every day but in fact not and with exams and end of term coming rapidly a change was needed. The succession of old men to fuel the freedom was not really a problem in finding or in engaging with but that too couldn’t go on forever. That was not a career I wanted to pursue.

So one day with our bags filled with clothes and a few thousand baht saved it was off to the bus station. M had some friends and family working in a factory in Bangkok and it was off to Bangkok we were going. Bangkok was busy. Cars, people, dogs and more and more all the time. There seemed little time to see it. It was hot and dusty and full of shops and department stores that lit up at night. M’s brother Ice and a few others shared a one room studio apartment. There were six of them and the two if us. It was to be crowded. It wasnt like the places I had seen on the TV soap operas. But we were free and young and excited. Some of those staying in the room worked night shifts and others day shifts so there were never 8 of us sleeping at one time, but it was still crowded and sometimes filled with argument. There was no privacy.

Work in those days was easy to find in a factory but hard with long hours and poor wages made good with lots of overtime. Still it was for me a better form of life than selling my body which was not a good thing to do. So I was for a while happy. I was also in love with M I thought. I didn’t like to think of family at home missing me and not knowing where I had gone, so I kept my mobile phone off most of the time and when turning it on quickly flicked through missed calls without looking. Later that week I changed my number.

It was not long before M and I moved onto become security guards with a supplied room to live in. It was nice to have our own place and be together and have enough money to live. Seventeen in love and with our own small home and away from anyone telling us what we should do. The lies and dishonesty were also gone and it all seemed perfect to me.

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