We are all artists and we are all art critics. As has been argued before art from a confusionist perspective is our expression and the interrelation others have with our expression.

As all of us the world over try in our own ways to express ourselves and as all of us the world over react to, have feelings about or opinions of the expressions of others the terms artist and art critic are redundant. We do not going around saying we are human beings so why would we go around saying we are artists or art critics?

This notion that someone is an artist as someone is say an electrician is part of the commoditization of art, part of the creation of the industry of art. The same of course is equally true of the label art critic. This is all false creation and part of the industries attempt to remove from all of us, excepting those that they allow to become initiates, part of what is our own nature. Of course with control of the industry, academia and the all-pervasive propaganda machine known as the media this has been relatively although not totally succesful.

We should reject the labels artist or art critic. There is no need for a special name that needs to be applied to what is a basic human function for us. There is no need to think someone labeled as an artist by the industry or by themselves is doing something any different from what we all can do.

 While our expression, indeed the expression of every individual or for that matter community, can be fairly labelled art the idea of an artist as such only exists when trying to raise someone over another or raise someone else’s expression over that of another which only acts to oppress everyone else and suggest that art is some special thing that only the accepted adepts of the industry can indulge in or at least make it very hard for most to think they can produce art.

Reject the label artist or art critic. Do not self label as an artist or art critic. Produce your own art or expression and enjoy revel in, ignore, dislike or despise the expression and art of others but recognize while doing so it is only your reaction to it and not part of an overall assessment of something. Similarly produce what you want without worry what others will think and do not be put down by negative criticism or some self appointed or industry appointed “expert” who at the end of the day is just giving one more opinion that has no more real value than any other persons. 

In the modern world with the advancement of technology in recent times there are now more opportunities for emancipation in expression and art than there used to be and industry controls are weaker although no doubt we can expect a backlash later as the industry tries to ensure its continued self-perpetuation. However for now opportunities are there for those in developed and developing countries. Those opportunities have always been around for those in lesser developed places where sophisticated oppression of expression through control of academia, media and medium of art production are nowhere near so pervasive.


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