Marlboro Lights

You and I shared more than a moment

Under the canvas of night

Airport runways, the lights of the future

Pulled us in tight and we couldn’t let go

They say you’ve made it proper

Transatlantic commuter

And here I am walking the supermarket aisles

Low-fat smile and a ketamine urge

Life in a flurry of rites

The deft decree of the scultptor’s knife

Life in Marlboro lights

Told you I wouldn’t let go

You lost it just as soon as you found it

Conscious decision to age

Spent half your time applying cosmetics

Irony spiked with that bubbly champagne

They say you’ve bagged a fella

I shit you not, those were the words

I don’t know if I’m happy

But i’ll always remember your eyes

Life in a blizzard of spite

Watching the glass in slow motion

Life in Marlboro lights

Watching him fall to the floor

You were an era you know

A chapter of grandiose fiction

But the doomsday scenario, you astutely predicted

Genetics hunny, genetics

They say you’ve changed your name

And I thought Becky rocked

But we all do funny things when we’re lonely

They tear us apart and refuse to let go

Life in a halo of invites and mights

Curling up like an advert for Coco

Life in Marlboro lights

Tore us apart, but I’ll never let go


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