Vignettive Writing

Vignetting is the fragmentary style of writing used by confusionists. Vignettive writing while a form of fragmentary writing is distinct in its own respect in that it is a style that mirrors the real world incompleteness we see in most stories and occurences around us and is not intended as a style for use as effect but to only reflect what is seen in our lives.

Confusionists often write vignettes which may or may not be interconnected, but typify the confusionist style of trying to reflect what we see without either interpretation, effect, or comment. A vignette may stand alone or a string of vignettes may exist as part of a whole or even possibly as a whole or interpretable by the reader in either way, but the critical point is that it mirrors what is seen by individuals in their lives and is the expression of such. For confusionists this idea takes precedence over satisfying writing styles, genres, rules etc even if it results in something that may be confusing, frustrating, not like a story should be, or even disturbing or non-rewarding for those propagandized into expecting the mundanity of formulaic writing which fills the literary world. Although vignettive writing is a style within confusionist art, it is by no means the only one and is also not held up as some higher or better art form. Confusionism rejects such notions as stated many times before. Indeed maybe one aspect of confusioniusm is to expose the norm for what it is by the difference and oddity within confusionistic art and philosophy, with maybe a hope that others may start to question what is accepted and what is not and even developing their own philosophies and approaches.

However, within confusionism vignetting or vignettive writing is a major strand and of course the notion of vignetting spreads easily to other art forms although once again we concentrate on writing here. Vignetting also ties into the key confusionist concept of incompleteness over completeness.


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