Democracy – Addendum

In the earlier piece on democracy we looked at how democracy gave rise to additional confusion by giving a stake to us in our own oppression. However, there are other factors of democracy that make it additionally confusing and which identify it in its critical form.

Democracy is the political system that allows control to be exerted by the commercial classes who control our work, income, finances, and thought by intense propaganda unseen at any other time in history. We are allowed to vote for parties that are very much part of the commercial class whether they describe themselves as social democrat, liberal, conservative etc. However, intense propaganda is used to create memes, talking points, beliefs and even thought to guide and manipulate us in how we even carry out the mundane task of voting for a party they allow to exist or have some power on behalf of the commercial class.

Now that the commercial class has gone global it is very easy to see how they try to develop this system in newly democratic countries by gross manipulation and interference with everything from suggested system, overseen election and mass use of media funded by them with clients educated through their systems often grafted into position in the newly democratic state.

Democracy historically is just the system of oppression that superceded feudalism and enabled the then and in some arenas still today developing commercial class to take control from old traditional hierarchical feudal elites. It is however, not a system that has emancipated the ordinary person as the move from land to waged work has made people more dependent on those supplying the work and sadly people are kept well divided by the development of nation-state and ideas of intense nationalism to develop hatred and dislike of the other that you in fact have more in common with than those who control from the top. However, the constant drumbeat of propaganda from sources we are told are independent, good, factual and to be trusted is effective in setting any agenda, and we are  busy in our lives and in a constant state of confusion so are easy targets for such insidious thought control.

In may ways the current system of oppression and control is almost perfect in how it interrelates. However, we must always have trust in the natural human reaction and instincts and hope with gentle encouragement or epiphanic self discovery that recognition of the state of things will come or at least people will find a less confused and frustrating way to deal with life within it. After all what we are in is not natural to the human condition, the human feeling and the human desire of any individual of real community however effective it seems.


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