Academic Control and Freedom of Thought

As we reject the institutions of control as reactionary, irrelevant and even destructive to the natural human condition and development, and as th academic industry is one such institution then we also do not pander to their cultural supremacist ideas and also their rules and guidelines on such things as source, research, argumentation, debate, (false) originality, and weight of academic paper over pure statement of feeling, idea or thought. We also reject any counter arguments from this perspective as they are purely based on what we regard as false premise.

Confusionists do things their own way. We say what we think and feel without restriction or rule. As this is done in a way alien to those used to and propagandized into academic presentation and argument this may seem strange. However, it is only natural to say what you think and feel and this crosses all cultures and does not need to rate a culturally specific philosophy as a higher way of thought than another. It is unnatural to try to tie thought or idea to what a single philosophy or overbearing  industry wants or will allow within its own constraints. This  just serves to devalue your point or reinvent it in some watered down fashion. It is important, maybe even critical, to say what you think, feel or want to say regardless of what another individual, or some overriding industry or institution will think and it is important to say it regardless of whether it can be backed up by research.

With research, which is valued as almost Godlike in certain segments of western society these days, it is of import to realise that so called academics usually start with an assumption, and then design research to show their assumption is right or correct. This is mnagnified when commercial interests also enter the equation and findings not liked can be discarded or buried. Research is anything but Godlike and more an arm or marketing thought or product.

Anything built on assumption is equal whether stated or backed or backed up by what is described as research, which is usually of dubious intent. What we say is equal and as relevant as any academic work as what we say and what they say is all based on assumption. It is important to realise that all statements are equal and made for a multitude of reasons both recognized and unrecognized by the maker or the statement. Surrounding something with false support does not make it of higher value.

Academia or more correctly ‘the commercial industry of academic and other control’ has the agenda of perpetuating itself and its allied institutions at all costs. Thais is not a healthy environment for any true inquisitive mind and hence such will be crushed. The true inquiring mind will often be found far form academia and their allies. Education is always propaganda. Look to who controls and funds it, to who it really benefits and to what possible unspoken purposes it could have.

Dont expect confusionists to play the same game. We will always say what we feel we need to say and others can accept it or not. It is not our aim to convince, coerce or propagandize but to hopefully generate thought away from the constraints of the constant drum beat of propaganda presented dubiously as fact, more, or something of higher value by dint of who has presented it.

Ask questions, but dont necessarily expect answers, doubt and look to what the true intent of everything is.


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