The Second Coming – Excerpts from the Gospel According to Gabir the Indomitable (1)


11:12 It was at the time of Bush in the land of Babylon and Euphrates when the forces of the new Rome occupied the town of Fallujah, he walked as a man draped in a robe stained with the blood of many

11:13 He walked as untouched by the searing heat of bursting phosphorous along the road to the hospital; untouched by the staccato of constant bullets.


17:25 And he came unto the town of  Nasiriyah before the barracks of the occupiers and he spoke

17:26 And before I spoke unto you:love your neighbour for it is the desire of my father to see such. And yet you led by the pharisees and false prophets have turned yourselves to the way of hatred, loathing, abomination and perpetual war

17:27 And previously I said you should turn the other cheek but all I see is vengeance and hatred for the cheek that has been struck and with no forethought as to why it may have been struck in the first place.


19:12 And he spoke unto them. I have said before that it harder for a rich man to enter the kingdom of my father than it is for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle. And yet the worship of mammon and desire for earthly wealth are more magnified than before.

19:13 And I have spoken to your forefathers that they should give unto Rome what is Rome’s and yet I find their children hoarding it themselves and valuing it over all he has given to you as natural.

19:14 And all around me I see the worship of false idols with the worship of mammon and individuals as Gods being uppermost.


27:3 And they brought him to the place known as Guantanamo and stripped and beat and tortured him.

27:4 But never a word except of forgiveness, gentleness and humility did he utter. I forgive you for you know not what you do or who you serve he said.


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