Things I’m Learning#1

Love and forgive 

Don’t be scared of contradicting yourself 

Only become a businessman if you want to 

Take a deep breath now and again 

Learn from your parents’ mistakes 

Learn that your own mistakes usually aren’t mistakes (tricks of the mind) 

Don’t ever try to save the world 

Reject what we understand as religion 

Reject Anno Domini – we are not in the year 2010, as convenient and efficient as that may sound 

Your friends are your brothers and sisters – stick by them 

The Western world as a result of our chosen method – capitalism – is usually a con job, and often not 

Have faith in people – try to see past first impressions, a fourth impression you may rely on 

Don’t let your family die a lonely death 

Reject your own thoughts sometimes 

Realise we don’t have a clue why we are where we are 


Try to patch up lost loves if they are willing to become friends – gently and without ulterior motives 

Realise everything you do or say makes no sense, but it can help people, or hurt them 

If you aren’t hurting others you’re fine 

Fall in love and believe in it 



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