Conventional wisdom goes that writing is all about rewriting and rewriting and rewriting. Writers and agents work together to create the perfect piece of writing for a publisher. Academics stress rewriting. English teachers stress rewriting. We all know of first drafts and second drafts and checking, editing and rewriting.

However, all of this is writing to perfect something to satisfy what someone in a position of power wants. Whether you want them to publish your work or you want a good score etc.This form of writing can be seen as writing for ulterior purposes rather than artistic ones, and as such serves a purpose, but it is not art.

Art is our natural expression and the mark we would in many but not all cases want others to see and consider in its raw form of what we feel. This precludes the prostitution of pandering to publishers or teachers or others writing for non-artistic purposes. We do not need to rewrite the essence out of our pieces so to have them accepted by the various industries. To rewrite the essence out may result in good scores or even published materials, but it only results in our expression decreased to the lowest common denominator and one so low to have little of what originally flowed from us left in many cases.

When we want to express ourselves the expression will mostly flow quite naturally until we have our piece of work. Often this will be at its purest and most honest form at what some term first draft, but which would more correctly be termed natural draft. To change, revise, rewrite or alter this is to change, revise, rewrite or alter our natural unadulterated and frank expression and those who do should always bear this in mind so any alterations will be minimal to expression.

To never change anything would produce the most natural art of all, and those expressing themselves should always remain mindful of this. Once again while concentrating on writing here, this could also be applied to all forms of art.


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