Cultural Similarities and Politics

That we have so much in common across cultures and less that is different is something that those in control cannot allow to be too well-known, which is why we have the whole areas of study ion how cultures are different, the whole media thing on highlighting differences and indeed the whole industry of cultural difference. Needless to say those controlling each culture have their own variations on this.

This is needed to create the other – a lesser person or culture than us or our own, for reasons such as mindless distraction from the failings of those who control and the failings of systems to provide us with a really fulfilling existence. And of course then there is industry and business that from time to time fails to control to its own advantage the resources they require that just happen to be deposited in the land some other controls. Then there is a need for more forceful means to make sure the resource remains available or available under better terms. Then of course our cultural superiority and the threat the other culture provides become paramount in gaining jingoistic support for military ventures usually prefaced on some ulterior rather than real reason and well propagandized by the media for their allies in government and business.

Needless to say as we discover the reality of cultural similarities and indeed celebrate the lesser differences the whole way we are convinced to go to war becomes a lot harder for the institutions of control. Needless to say this means less innocent people get hurt, maimed, killed, forced from their homes and even into camps and such like. That can only be a positive thing. Needless to say that when a country of a different culture possess resources those resources should be used for the advantage of the people residing there. That doesn’t mean they can’t benefit all but proper and fair arrangements can be made between countries of differing cultures and systems that respect all without recourse to demonization and war that inevitably hurts all. Even the most advanced countries are open to attack as we have seen in recent times, and countries, and more specifically their people and how they are viewed and treated is also affected by their actions, and invasions and attacks are negative in this way. Now indeed would be a good time to look for the cultural differences and not allow ourselves to fixated on differences, propagandized inferiorities of others and propagandized demonization of others.

However, it is probably only going to start with us as individuals and how we view things if this change, however gradual, is going to be made as in short to see what we have in common does not suit the institutions of control.


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