People always want to tell you that this is good music and that only wankers listen to that music and this band is the most influential band ever and… Well you get the drift. The whole concept is of course ludicrous and the reality is that people will like what they want to like and the reality is that music as with all art is judged, interpreted, liked or disliked by each of us regardless of what others think. The problem of course with the peer pressure is that it sets agendas, modes and memes and deprives some people of the freedom to say what they think. This peer pressure also of course helps pander to the whole industry which itself likes to control and direct all artistic output or at least all recognition of artistic output.

For the individual to succumb to the peer or industry pressure is to experience more frustration and confusion and to lose direction. To decide on how you rate music, and what you are going to say about it publically, yourself aside from peer pressure is a difficult but necessary start in personal emancipation. Ditto in all other art forms and fashions where peer and industry pressure encourage only the mundanity of tedious repetition and suppress any valid and new view. That of course suits a status quo industry well but suppresses us in voicing out own expression and opinion. Confusionists will reject the whole idea of peer pressure having any positive or valid contribution to social life.

Similarly while recommending and even stating an opinion on a piece of music is valid those of us doing so must always take care to not step into the arena of bullying the thought of others who may have different likes or be of a different immediate mood. We must be very careful not by our own actions to become agents of oppression and unknowing supporters of the industry that does that nothing for people except fetter, frustrate, confuse and control. While gently passing on recommendations and trying to broaden thought is to be encouraged to overstep the line and effectively intimidate is totally negative and potentially even more damaging as maybe the art industry can be seen as the ogre it is but we do not usually see our friends and peers as part of a controlling system.

Think for yourself. Say what you want. Be gentle with recommendation or advice.


2 thoughts on “Difficulties

    • That people miss out is one of life’s biggest tragedies. That people are often manipulated into being culpable for this themselves is even more tragic

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