Intellectual Property

Confusionists reject the concept of ownership of intellectual property without any reservation or caveat. A person or community should never ever be restricted in their expression by some quint and bizarre notion that someone else may have had it first and needs to be acknowledged or some insane notion that ideas can be owned. Of course many have had the same idea and written the same thing but it is irrelevant who had or thought it first. Citing is irrelevant pandering to ego and a restriction on our expression that is both not warranted but also counter to true art in the first place.

It also has to be said that for some the way in life is lifting another’s work and presenting at theirs. If this works for them in a frustrating and confused controlled world then there is nothing wrong with it.

This is to go directly against all we are told is right and proper by the academic and art industries. However, as these are restrictive bodies with an aim of coercing or training us into accepting art as they define it or in training us to think or express ourselves in ways they outline for us, to reject their mores and rules is only liberating in both expressing ourselves and in striving to find a less confused state of understanding.


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