Religion exists both at the level of individual or group belief and at the level of organized institution. This spans all religions and confusionists have no comment to make ion one religion in respect to another.

Confusionists will look at institutionalised religion for what it is, which is basically an institution that desires to self perpetuate itself and one that has funds and employees dedicated to doing so. For whatever, good or succour an organized religion offers people the primary aim is no different form any other institution, and religions to a lesser or greater degree depending on what specific one are competitive against one another as they strive to become ever more important and ever more popular, powerful and influential. Confusuionists will always be wary of such institutions and their grandiose schemes.

However, confusionism is also about finding a way through life that is less confused and frustrating, and for some their individual or even community belief may be part of this way. It is not the purpose of confusuonists to lecture people on what beliefs they should or should not have but to just try to make people more aware of the nature of their existence and what surrounds them. For some religion may be useful for others it may not be.


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