At some point not long ago this author decided to put up one post a day thereby creating a rule. and one that was heavily influenced by conventional thinking and guidance on how to get more hits on a blog.

Confusionism is about finding a way in life, expressing yourself and even giving a take it or leave it framework for these if they fit with an individual or community’s needs.  The experience outlined above shows how easy it si to revert back into doing what is expected or what is guided by the institutions, experts and information around us.

In reality the number of hits on a blog is irrelevant for confusionists. What is more relevant is saying what the individual and community want to say. For confusionists it is also not about a post a day or whatever frequency is determined by decisions unlinked to what there is to say or express. Confusionists will express themselves when the need to do so is there and not to a set schedule and art will always be set by the flow of creativity and not by any artificial regime.

This author will now post as and when there is a need.


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