What is Art

Art in its simplest and most honest state consists of the way we express ourselves and how others interrelate with those expressions and the exchange, if any, that takes place between the creator and the recipient although under certain circumstances those roles may blur or even invert.

How we express ourselves and in what medium will vary from person to person but the expression in its pure form will divested of any distraction, interference or ulterior purpose.

Looking at art from this confusionist perspective, it is clear that this is somewhat different from what may be seen as art in contemporary society where such labels as commercial art exist. Commercial art is clearly not art as it is created to sell a product or service and as such is not a person’s expression. It also remains tainted by being produced directly to make money. In fact the expression commercial art is contradictory. Similarly those who set out to create art to make money are no longer creating art but just a commodity to sell in the market place. Those that attend places of study to learn how to harness and direct their expression are similarly hindered in the production of art.

In many underdeveloped places across the world, people and communities are expressing themselves in what they produce and often those creating the works have little formal education and certainly no artistic training. What they are producing, excepting that ethnic art produced purely for sale as commodities or shows to western travellers or for export to western or other markets, is of a very pure and unadulterated form. Maybe even the creation of art is eased by suffering, oppression, poverty or lack of exposure to western values but that is another area for exploration and not one ot be discussed here.

Any person though, wherever they strive to find their way through life, is capable of producing something that is of interest, stimulating or inspiring to another person as indeed they are of being interested in, stimulated or inspired by the work of another. This is the relationship between how we express ourselves artistically within not only groups and communities but on a very global scale.


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