Interlude Five

After three months quite a body of writing has now been intermixed with the theoretical posts. At times it seems like an odd mix, but it reflects the real-time development of the confusionist movement complete with all the typos, contradictions and questions that works such as these are typically scattered with.

In terms of art and creativity what are confusionists trying to do? Well really it is as simple as empower people to do it themselves. To be liberated from fear, peer pressure, and overly rigid societal norms is what confusionists try to encourage. There is a confusionist art from but confusionism itself is not trying to limit or convert to this or even state that it si a better or higher form of art than another. Confusionism in artistic terms is about empowerment and individuals and communities expressing themselves how they feel or how they want. Or at least this is the aim.

In terms of life philosophy what are confusionists trying to say? Quite simply recognize what is around you for what it really is. The natural default is confusion, frustration etc. However, it doesnt have to be totally like this. While recognizing that not everything can be known or that to even try this approach is totally destructive and unrewarding, confusionism does encourage to try and see the real nature of things. Tools such as doubt and the asking of questions are seen by confusionists as important to recognition and understanding, although the distinction between asking a question and thereby activating a thought process and expecting an answer and thereby ending a thought process is highlighted. Confusionists will maintain that when you ask a question dont necessarily expect an answer and that by asking it a valuable process is initiated. In terms of a life philosophy confusionism as with art has its own philosophy. However as with art confusionism encourages people to think and confusionists will not maintain that confusionism is the only right or proper or better philosophy but just one which people may adhere to. The thinking and the way that people choose remains more important to confusionists than if people adhere to confusionism.


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