Confusionist theory to date has talked a lot about individual while always mentioning the importance of community and yet community itself can imply many different things. When confusionists talk about community it can looked at from at least two different directions.

Firstly, community as in what it means for an individual. This is the group that has meaning and importance to the individual and the individual will be a recognized member of the community. This community may be, for example, friends at school, colleagues at work, close family, peer group, an online “community” etc. It can be very broad and is defined by the individuals relationship to the group. Confusionism while often seem to be stressing the importance of the individual, and their need to naturally express themselves in a frustrating world, also recognises that individuals cannot live alone. They need to be part of a group and that being in a community is natural, supportive and positive.

Secondly, confusionists talk of art or expression from within a community. This form of group is a group that may share commonly held ideas on pretty much anything or they may even be mutually antagonistic but in a way that produces something which is maybe mutually rewarding. When talking of community this way confusionists are looking at groups that produce things which could be anything from art to political theory to mathematical quizzes to medical advances. There is no limit and in its broadest definition all of these could be defined as art as they are all the expressions of the community developed through the interactions of the individuals within it.


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