Stream of Creativity

The stream of creativity is the natural flow of artistic expression from within us all. It is how we express ourselves and should not be fettered, diverted, dammed or repressed in any way as it is natural that all should be able to express themselves in the way they want. Creativity will flow from us all in a  natural unregulated and infinitely variable way if not interfered with and this will be our natural and real artistic expression. Confusionists will argue strongly that it only serves to frustrate, confuse and destroy if this flow is interfered with.


2 thoughts on “Stream of Creativity

  1. your finger print is unique why not your creative stream. Stop trying to imitate and begin the long road of manifestion. You are unique and so is your journey.

    • We are indeed all unique but so much around us tries to coerce, mould or lead us into some mundane clone-like commonality

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