War Crimes

Although confusionists do want to regularly delve into political debate due to the nature of confusionist ideas on government, oppression and what confusionism sees as the unique nature of democracy, every now and again something that highlights the confusion, contradiction that governmental systems create is so glaringly obvious that it cannot be left, and sometimes a story emanates that exposes the reality of a governmental system.

By all we are told a democracy is not meant to be a system that would lead to the practice of war crimes and a system whereby the elected politicians would conceal planning that would lead directly to war crimes while the military of the country would expose this. This is all directly opposite to the theoretical idea of a what a democracy is.

A democracy is we are a told a system where government is of the people by the people and for the people. It is not theoretically expected that democratically elected governments will defy the will of its people and just do what is in the interests of those in government, those they are allied with and those that really exert influence over the system. It is not expected that a leader will deny preparations for war are being made while actually making them. Democracies are not expected to invade countries for little valid or legal reason.

This story from the Uk’s Guardian exposes that such things do indeed happen in a democracy and not just any democracy but the worlds longest existing one. As confusionists point out it is important to try and understand the real nature of structures, institutions and systems and that democracy although giving people a stake in the system, including in their own oppression, doesnt mean the system will work in the name of the people or for the people. This story serves well to highlight certain aspects of governmental systems that arent confined to only more totalitarian ones but to all systems so far known.


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