Sometimes it is just incredibly difficult to write anything whether it be theory or literature. The stream of creativity and the stream of knowledge lack a constant flow and come at times as sudden floods, a trickle or just nothing. It cannot be controlled and when little or nothing comes there is no point in trying to produce as what is created will be stilted and false. Conversely, at other times it may be almost impossible to get everything out of you as there is so much, and yet a sense of fulfillment cannot be achieved until it has all exited in some orgasmic frenzy of expression. It cannot be kept inside and controlled for production at a later time.

Confusionists will always try to stick with the natural pace of the stream of creativity and not try to fetter, enhance, restrict, delay, encourage or interfere with it any other way which may well affect the actual expression itself and turn it into a bastardized creation.


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