A Cleansing Process

Writing is a cleansing process. Starting to write is starting to excrete all the toxins built up over the years and if practiced long enough in an unadulterated way will result in pure or natural expression divested of all the front loaded and propagandized distractions we are constantly subjected to. However, it is important the writing is driven by what comes from within us and not by attempts at effect or through training taught with others or formal courses all of which cause interference to the stream of creativity that can flow from any of us.

Although here concentrating on writing the same is true of any real developmental art that is divested of involvement in the industry or not produced for any remunerative rationale whether openly or hidden.

Maybe we can even postulate that thinking critically in the true sense of the expression rather than the mundane and unfortunately labelled “critical thinking” taught in schools and currently in vogue in many academic fields and with those who mistakenly describe themselves as thinkers. Real critical thinking is maybe too a cleansing process and one that improves as practiced divested of encumbrances on a basis that asking the question does not necessarily lead to an answer and the practice of asking questions and thinking around them is enough of an aim itself.


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