Sometimes people ask what are your influences. That is a difficult question to answer because we are influenced in many ways.  We know certain influences that we like to put up front, but then there are influences we know that maybe we arent so proud to admit or that we think are influences others wont understand or wont know about. Then there is the wider aspect that we are influenced by all around us whether it be natural environment. location, culture and people or maybe something more insidious such as propaganda from a variety of sources known or not known. Then there is how the influences affect us at any time. Nobody is in exactly the same mood, level of conciousness or level of awareness, whatever that is, all the time and how the things that have influenced us manifest themselves through our actions, productions and speech vary accordingly.

For confusionists influences exist, with some tangible and some not, but it would be false to identify them as more than just part of a list and certainly with no ranking, if they should be listed at all, for we are influenced by many things we do not know or see and some that maybe more popular than others.

In many ways the idea of influences distracts from the message as it helps to categorize the person or movement whose influences are being looked at thereby not only distracting and categorizing as part of what already exists, and is conveniently labelled and therefore known by the “global” population, but also attempts to diminish what is said, produced or done. For confusionists the future, the product, the art, the expression, the action etc remain the important part and more relevant to motivation with influences at best just an interesting distraction or a genuine but maybe futile attempt to understand, which maybe unfortunately can never be known in totality, or at worst an attempt to subordinate, damage or destroy. To the question what are your influences the confusionist answer is pretty much all and everything we have experienced, or known as a person or community, which is admittedly not a satisfying answer for the question asker but as has been said before we cannot expect answer to all the questions we ask.


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