Interlude Four

The aim of confusionists is to encourage people in the confusing, frustrating and fragmented world to look beyond what they are taught, told and to try and recognize the propaganda so they can find a path that makes more sense, so that they can feel free to express themselves and hopefully find not only a way but a better peace or understanding of environment.

 Additionally confusionism as well as being what could be seen as simple tool or even philosophy for life is also aimed at being a creative model but a diverse, expanding and evolutionary one. Confusionists want to encourage people to not only try to recognize things for what they are but to also express themselves.

While confusionist art may have certain deliberately vague and loose identifying factors in what can be described as confusionist art, confusionists do not seek to try and encourage only confusionist art or expression in easily seen confusionist ways. Far from it, proponents of confusionism want to encourage the expression, creativity and art in any way by anyone anywhere. This is seen as a central part of the human condition – the desire to express oneself and to be seen. Whether living in a democratic western society, a developing powerhouse, an authoritarian regime or utter poverty the need to express is tangible. Indeed often what may be considered stronger expression (admittedly a subjective opinion) is created under authoritarian rule or within poverty-stricken areas. Needless to say most if not all of this is never taught, which brings us back to questioning the teaching of art.

Creativity, expression or self-expression as stem form each and every individual and even from within communities are as critical to confusionism as doubt and questioning. Indeed what is defined as creative should itself be questioned. Each of us has a natural capacity to be creative and produce creations which may or may not be creative as defined by traditional ideas. However, the real judge of a creative work is the reader, viewer etc. Each person may have an opinion on what we produce and those opinions will naturally differ. There is though no correct or better value judgement. What one will like or be moved by another may think nothing of or despise. All are equally valid. It also isnt reduced to some democratic decision as to what is of value and what isnt. What one person holds as of great beauty still remains of beauty to that person however many see it as ugly and the beholder of the beauty still has a valid opinion. Ideas such as most think or the majority are purely irrelevant in these things as are the opinions of those who cast themselves as experts but remain no different from any other admirer of art.

Confusionists will not denigrate other forms of art but judge them purely as described above. Confusionist art is not some higher form or better form. It is what it is and an attempt to comment, replicate or react to things viewed from a confusionist perspective and of course within confusionist art there will be things liked and disliked by confusionists.


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