Creativity cannot be taught. Things like Maths and Physics to some degree can be taught but taught creativity is anything but creative. Creativity is something that bursts almost uncontrollably from a person indeed every person in some way or another whether recognised by ourselves or others or not. It is our natural expression and should be kept well away from the nabobs of creative academia (surely a failed concept) or the charlatans of critique who double as inhibitors of our own fundamental expression and only seek to subordinate it to grossly limiting ideas or to label it in attempts to pigeon hole and reduce our expression to little more than hollow multi-edited and multi-revised versions of our orignal ideas that can fit accepted genres and movements. Expression and interpretation of that expression is something which stems form everyone and within everyone and cannot be interfered with without removing all traces of creativity. To not be allowed to express creative urges, to have your creative urges interfered with or to be put in a position where your creativity cannot by expressed furthers the confusion and frustration and hence fulfilling the creative urge unfettered must be a confusionist goal.

To immolate yourself in public would be more creative than anything you are going to produce after attending courses such as creative writing classes. Indeed by subjecting oneself to for example a creative writing class will be the best way to reduce creative potential to a level lower than anything that you yourself consider horrendous art now.


4 thoughts on “Creativity

  1. I hear you. It does depend on the purpose of the courses and classes you mentioned, though, as well as whether or not the people delivering them follow through on the purpose. If a course inspires, channels, or awakens someone’s creativity, then good for them. But if it’s there to tell them what to write and for whom, then that had better be what they signed up for and what makes something of their potential. Which brings it round to the other side of the coin. The person attending such a course needs to work out what they want to get out of it. If they simply want some direction and are willing to ignore the irrelevant bits (good advice is advice that applies) then fine. But if they don’t know, they can be misled.

    I do agree that creativity can’t be taught. It’s there. It just needs to be expressed.

    • Thank you for your comment. It is nice to see we agree creativity just needs to be expressed or maybe that should be that the way we express ourselves is our creativity.

      Confusionism stresses among other things that within a confusing an frustrating world people need to find a way. Expressing yourself would be part of that but not a totality. Within confines of what/who is defined as art or as an artist or creative this can limit the desire or willingness of some/many people to express themsleves or even view themselves as creative or artistic in some way. We try to argue that people wherever they are or whoever they are should rise above this and do not need to worry about labels per se but just let their expression flow and also to not worry about (negative) critique or of appearing silly. We want to encourage. As such institutions and established norms are going to be attacked but as a way of encouraging everyone to express themselves and not allow expression to be limited.

      Another aspect of confusionism is that it is not claimed to have all the answers (or maybe even any) and that there may be those for whom it is a useless tool. If finding the way, in this case to express, involves attending a class and it really works for the individual, outside also a learning process to turn creativity into a money making process, then they have made a step. However, for confusionists in general the distrust of the organized, structural and money orientated goals within art compared to the trust in the individual will usually remain.

      Aploogies for such a long reply.

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