Fragmentary Writing

Without a doubt in the broader meaning of the term fragmentary writing, confusionist written art will be fragmentary as it holds to the notion of incompleteness. However, having examined the recent genre of fragmentary art, it is clear confusionist written art and fragmentary writing are different in nature.

The genre of fragmentary art is indeed now it seems a part of the accepted art and academic art industry that confusionists rail against. A reading of a variety of such works (FragLit) also exposes them as maybe not fragmented enough to reflect a reality although this remains a subjective opinion, and the works appear to be created in the normal taught creative manner and through the industry accepted writing process making them appear lacking in reality to confusuionists.

Fragmentary writing while an interesting diversion away from traditional literary models remains, and one of some attraction to this author, remains a genre and form outside of mainstream confusionist thought.


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