Lies and Truth

In the recent history of the world it has become increasingly obvious even to the most believing that lies are now part of the way we are manipulated to accept a meme, think in a certain way or support certain actions. The whole gulf war is now widely believed to have been enacted on lies created by those who wanted to form opinion to move policy in a direction that suited them and that they were ably assisted either through naivety, negligence or outright support by the powerful and all-pervasive media propaganda industry. Now as confusionists we have to always have some doubt over even the discovered or hidden agenda when it is outed because is it real or is it a fall back position to hide some greater agenda that must remain even more secretive. Doubt does remain paramount. However, cases such as the gulf war and media complicity do give us some things to look at.

We have all seen those Hollywood and other movies that hold the journalist high as the exposer of untruths, conspiracies and evil men. We have seen the depiction of them as struggling against the powerful and mighty to expose that which the mighty try to keep hidden and to empower the ordinary man or woman. We have all seen the investigative journalist programs that expose some minor or sometimes major outrage. And yet here we see them as complicit in starting war seemingly based on nothing except manufactured and manipulated lies to influence public opinion. It is going to be confusing when those we see as defenders of the oppressed and little man are revealed as just being part of the overall instruments of oppression and yet here they stand exposed as part of a vast propaganda apparatus the like of which the world has never seen. Coming from the, as we are told, great free democratic system that has such things as separation of powers and freedom of media that are taught in schools the media is expected to not be like this and yet in there lies the greatest opportunity for a propaganda tool. A state controlled apparatus is expected to be a propaganda outlet and yet a free private one is not, so what better place to indeed have your propoganda machinery based. Confusionists would analyse by looking at the true nature of the organization and not what it is purported to be. The media exposes itself by its actions and not by how it is defined on Hollywood, TV or how it is defined by classroom teachers and lecturers.

To create a lie to lead to war that is so big that it can gain support in the free democratic world of highly educated people trained to think critically is quite something in theory. However, more to the point if this huge lie can be successfully spun the what other lies are out there equally as big? Or what smaller lies exist? Those who control need to manipulate public opinion in a democratic system or their power while still huge remains limited and their aims unfulfilled in which case what use is the power to them? They need lies and confusionists will be aware of this and question and doubt all that comes from the powerful and the structures, organizations and institutions that represent and support them. The media will remain one of the most important tools these people have and while they can create in us a feeling that the media is giving us information and is on our as ordinary people’s side, then those that control will retain every aspect of their power.

Confusion too emanates from this as those expected (through education and cultural expectation) to be honest telling lies is not what is expected. Confusion is furthered by the inability we often face to not know what is true and what is a lie that increasingly leads to belief based thought. A reversion from what was seen as the modern ideal of rationale and truth to belief can also be confusing in moving back in time, as it were. Even allowing that the rational, logical and truth were never real, the false hope of it being gone and replaced with pure belief again can be a frustrating experience. Confusionists would argue that by doubting and questioning what comes from the media is the only way to try and find a path through the blatant lies, hypocrisies and propaganda. This may not be some instant answer or some easy way but it is a start in understanding the true nature of the human condition and our existence as individuals and within our own communities.


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