Spurious Comments

It is now over 4 months since the inception of the original idea of confusionism and some basic concepts and hopefully ones that are dynamic and loose enough to allow freedom have developed on a philosophical level. These will hopefully further expand, evolve and develop over the coming period of time. 

At the same time a body of confusionist literature has started to form within the confusionist movement itself, one example of which is now hosted on this site . Further works will continue to be posted or links made available to them.

In the coming weeks the seven precepts of confusionism will be stressed as the basic and deliberately vague tenets that identify the overall concept though without any strangling restriction but without leaving the movement ill defined and as vague as the indefinable post-modernism became and also trying to avoid the almost rant like riposte of pseudo-modernism, which will be discussed in a post later. 

Confusionists while wanting to present an alternative do not seek only to look at the negatives of life and indeed to confusionists just because something is seen as negative doesnt necessarily mean that it really is negative just that it has a negative image, label or connotation usually developed within the parameters of the wider systems of control and oppression that govern or lead. At all times confusionist within the  restraints of imperfection should strive to see what is the real nature of things when they stand devoid of the pretence and labels around them. Part of this is that confusionists and confusioism must remain self critical.

Confusionists recognise all art and expression and culture as valid. The time for art to be considered the domain only of the artist or any other such elitist concept is over. Anyone can produce perfectly valid art and values appointed to production by the wider controlled society or art industry in which we live are false creations. Quite simply there are no universal values. Each person has their own even within a similar culture although communities may agree to a lesser or greater extent on some common ones. To assume though that universal values exists across a world of different cultures extends into realms of assuming almost god like superiority or at least the superiority of one culture over another and too often the dominant culture or nation will take upon itself this godlike role or to establish and fund organisations to propogandise and spread the values they want. This can have as much effect on art and culture as on politics and serves to export further confusion and frustration into the less dominant and usually poorer regions.

To accept that there are no universal values is to accept that there is no universally great art. 

Similarly all aspects of culture are valid and should never be judged on a value level by any other than individuals responding to them. Modern technology and advances in many areas have created the conditions for liberation from the oppression and overbearing structures that limit us, our culture and creativity. However, that the conditions have been created doesnt mean they are realised.  The structures within which we live are well built to last and are often quite capable of using the technology that should allow liberation as a tool of enslavement or to in a reactionary backlash label the new liberating culture as in some way negative or to raise artefacts of the past as of higher value than anything produced in the now.


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