Imperfection over Perfection

Nothing is perfect. Nothing will ever be perfect. The pursuit of perfection is a pursuit that inevitably becomes all consuming at the expense of everything else drawing all energy and drive into seeking perfection in usually a single thing. This is totally destructive to the human condition and also forces an individual or even a community into a narrow, specific and concentrated arena in which context, balance and the whole outside are ignored or at best secondary thereby creating an unnatural, unbalanced and confused existance.

Everything is imperfect. There is nothing wrong with imperfection and accepting our own and others imperfection is natural and enlightening. Confusionists accept the imperfect as natural and and see no wrong in things being imperfect. Confusionists will additionally not strive to perfect the imperfect as this is a waste of resource in attempting to understand and find a way in existance. We should revel in our imperfections as they are what make us unique and not all carbon copied manequins of each other. In fact the words perfection and imperfection in themselves are words of oppression giving value and criticism by their nature and are not just words or ideas in themselves but also serve as an exposition of the societal norms that are given to us, however unnatural and unachievable, to accept as what must be.

Imperfection over perfection has implications for art that are quite obvious and also is one of the  underpins of the confusionist position that all art is valid.  Whatever an individual or group for that matter produces is their expression and valid whatever value the irrelevant art industry assigns to it. The acceptance of imperfection also leads to a confusionist idea that in art ideas such as editing, retouching, reviewing etc are just pandering to an art industry led attempt to perfect at the expense of real art.

Imperfection also has implications for confusionism itself. There is no perfect confusionist and no perfect definition of confusionism. That is not to say there are no identifiable traits of confusionism but that confusionism remains an ever evolving  dynamic theme. Confusionists themselves are also imperfect. That nothing can ever become perfect means that confusionism itself will always remain imperfect, but within that advantage lies, as that which is claimed as perfect has nowhere further to go and nothing more to become. As such it lacks dynamism and is dead. Confusionism will remain dynamic as long as it remains imperfect and more to the point as long as it remians to be seen as imperfect by its proponents pretty much as a person will remain dynamic as long as they remain imperfect or are seen by themselves and others as imperfect.

As with every question is life and every answer is death imperfection is life and perfection is death even if perfection is an unachievable goal and merely an oppresively driven notion.


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