Incompleteness over completeness

In life we rarely know everything whether it be in a topic, a story or an event. This simple notion is reality and is a reality that is timeless and covers any culture or region. The notion though does defy the false ideas so often presented that we can know, we can understand and that to know is both important and standard across people.

This has repercussions for art where trite pieces and works try so often to convey a sense of the complete. This is paritcuarly true of written and motion art where start, middle, end and storyline dominate with little in terms of questions left unanswered and is a total misrepresentation of experiences in life. Confusionist art will tend, as in real life, to not be complete but to present parts. There may be no start, no finish or no middle in written or motion media art and other forms of art may well have missing pieces. This may create in people a confused and even frustrating feeling but that is no different fom many phenomena in life.

Art even when produced is never complete as the completing of the work is made by the viewer, reader, interpeter who completes the story, picture etc at the juncture of producer-recipient even if a completion can be created at all. This completion or attempt at completing will vary by person and whatever intention the artist set out with will usually be irrelevent as every individual will form their own conclusion, feeling, idea or even like or dislike if any of these is even formed at all.

There is no global knowing or understanding. There is no common denominator enabling all to see the same.


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