Structures, Institutions, Art and Education

All structures and institutions have one paramount goal which is the self perpetuation of themselves. Whatever the stated goal of the institution or whether it is ethically or morally considered a good or bad institution is irrelevent as to recognize how it works, why it does what it does or what it stresses or says the primary objective of self-perpetuation needs to be recognized. Failure to recognize this and to identify only the stated and often well propogandized purposes(s) of the organization just add to confusion.

This nature of structures has significant impacts on the human state and art which are of import to confusionists. As self perpetuation is the significant goal of what we can term the art industry, then the reduction of true art to the lowest common denominator and the fitting it within the industry become paramount with the aim being of reducing all art to what the industry allows within its parameters and the gradual pre-planned expansion of these. Confusionists question the whole idea of the teaching of any form of art, the necessity of any formal critic structure and at the edge of confusionism would argue that any form of editing, rewriting, production, mixing, retouching etc is pandering to the art industry and its goal by watering down the original artistic concept. Art comes from the individual. Any individual can produce art naturally that is entirely relevant and valid whatever a self appointed art industry expert believes of the work. Equally an individual remains the only relevant critic of pieces of art as all art is subjective or even conceptual in nature and hence for each individual the reaction to the work of art and assessment of it may well be different. Nobody needs to be taught to to appreciate art. In fact the teaching is intself a form of propogandization and distraction from critical ability to form an opinion.

Similarly education with its very important role of self perpetuating itself and self perpetuating the larger society that enables it and feeds it runs the risk of reducing all education to propoganda, and attempts to while imparting in people that they can think and recognize to actually create the exact opposite. Education and all that we are told it entails is not the only goal of educational institutes but the importing within people that the eduction system they have studied under is of a level of excellence or even exceptionalism also serves to hide the other more negative nature of the system. From a confusionist perspective in many ways the poorer the accepted education system a person attends the less confused and certainly the less propogandized they will be.


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