Interlude One

Confusionism looks at the way people worldwide find themsleves constantly confused and frustrated especially at the bigger picture or their role within it, and at how life seems unclear and potentially unrewarding in real human terms. Confusionism does not set out to provide answers and indeed one of the central tenets of confusionism already mentioned is that there are not answers in many if not most cases and that an answer is both a death and different for every individual. Confusionism is more a tool and an organically evolving one that people may find useful at identifying their own path through life. As confusionists do not intend to give answers they do not state that confusionism is the only way or that the structures that exist must be destroyed – only recognition of what they are and their effect is stressed.

We have already started to see that the confused state stems from institutions around us that present themselves usually positivley in one way but also have a more negative angle that is not openly admitted and which in the modern world where propogandization has reached a pinnacle previosuly unforseen in the world is extremely difficult to see. This inability to see the negatives but to still feel their effects is part of the confused and frustrated state. Apart form the structures that affect us there are also ideas that are are commonly accepted without question that need to be reexamined to understand their effects upon us and out lives and this will be expanded upon.

Confusionism is beyond post-modernism and unlike the latter differs in that it tries to identify common strains rather than being undefinable. Confusionism also rejects any label of post-post-modernism. All the not-this and not-that labelled ism’s only serve to further the state of confusion and frustration by being readily identifiable as what they are not but being hard to define in what they are. Confusionism while while being organic, evolutionary and open to anyone to adapt clearly states certain principles and identifying features and as such is not an anti-something or not-something.

Confusionism also is at its heart an art movement based initially in literature but with intent to expand out into other forms and confusionist art is also based upon certain indeitifiable principles that stem from the wider confusionist principles and make it readily identifiable. This will be discussed in later posts.


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