Questions and Answers

Philosophy, science and rationality have by this period in time created an almost right like belief in people that that they can expect and be given an answer to every question. It is assumed to be both natural and the pinnacle of human development that we are able to explain nearly everything and that we are always searching for answers to that we cannot explain. The pursuit of knowledge and answers has become paramount creating an industry of answers to questions that may have no contact with the answer being even relevent to what was actually asked. To provide answerrs has become more important than to consider the question.

“If every question is a life then every answer is a death”

There is nothing unnatural in asking a question and nothing unnantural in exploring and seeking as to where that question goes or leads the inquirer, but to expect a pat answer or one answer that suits all is beyond simplicity itself. Just because two people ask the same question does not mean they seek the same answer.


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